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Welcome to 'Bethel Homestead'

Bethel Homestead is a grass based, family operated farm located in the peaceful countryside of Culpeper County, VA. Here on the farm we are currently raising Chicken broilers, laying hens, and miniature Jersey cows.

We are your local producer of Free Range Chickens and fresh brown eggs. No genetically modified grain, antibiotics, drugs, or pesticides. As stewards of the earth we recognize our responsibility to carefully utilize the resources of the soil. We use sustainable, organic methods to produce the most healthy meats and eggs, and at the same time improve the soil for future generations.

We view our role in providing nutrient dense, pasture raised meats and eggs as an important part of your health care. Just as important as the service your doctor provides you when you are sick. Our goal is to provide the purest food that keeps you strong and healthy.

Culpeper County

Rich Historic Modern Charm

Miniature Jersey Herd Book and Registry

Curly Q Crafts

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Real Milk

A Campaign for Real Milk

Fauquier's Finest Meat Processing

The only federally-inspected full service slaughter and processing facility in this area.

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods.