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Rain of Renegade (Star)

We are excited to see her calf and we are now on calf watch. So check back soon for updates!


We will breed this lovely girl in late spring for a early spring 2018 calf. We are extrememly excited to see how the Lord will bless this.


Mary is a sweet girl who will follow us where ever we go. We will breed her in early winter 2017 for late sumer 2018 calf. We cant wait.


Lilly is a little shy, but I enjoy working with her. She has come along way and will breed this sumer for a early spring 2018 calf.


Born on our farm and bottle feed. We have a special spot in our hearts for her. It will be a little while before we breed her, so check back.

Taylors Miss Tuddie (Trudy-w)

TW is first to the milk barn and is due to calf later sumer. We A.I.'d her to our Sunshine Acres Loyal (See Semen For Sale) and are excited to get an A2A2 calf from her.

WMF B Brown Lou Ann

Lou Ann, she is as sweet as it gets. We love Lou Ann and look forward to another calf in late sumer 2017 if we have not sold her.