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A family owned and operated farm located in Culpeper, Virginia.

• Miniature Jersey Cows (FOR SALE!)
• Chicken Eggs
• Duck Eggs
• Milk Shares
• Beef
• Poultry
• Curly Q (All natural homemade Lotions, Soaps, Soy Candles, etc...)

Fat-Soluble Vitamins A, D and K2.

Short Chain Fatty Acids, CLA and Omega-3s.

Essential Minerals and Electrolytes: Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

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It is illegal to for anyone to sell raw milk in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each state makes up it’s own guidelines and the Commonwealth of Virginia has chosen to follow the FDA regulations regarding the sale of raw milk and raw milk products. A Share Program is legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are no regulations regarding the consumption of raw milk from an animal that the individual owns or owns a stake in. Weston A. Price Foundation and A Campaign for Real Milk are two websites with valuable information about the benefits of drinking raw milk and the availability of raw milk by individual state.

WHAT IS A COWSHARE? A share in your own cow without having to have a farm of your own!

WHAT KIND OF A COW? The majority of cows are prebred Jersey with a couple select Jersey Cross.

ARE THESE COWS GIVEN HORMONES? No way! Never! And antibiotics are only used in life-threatening emergencies and never given as a preventive measure for illness (as many large dairies do).

WILL THE COW BE PASTURED? Yes! These Virginia Jerseys are pastured on untreated grass 3/4 of the year (no pesticides or other treatments). In the winter your cow is fed hay. During the snowy winter months, we will feed the cows hay from our own farm or from a trusted local farmer. While the cows are being milked, they will be fed a locally produced feed to keep them happy while being milked. This serves a dual purpose: it gives the cows extra incentive to come into the milking barn (they love it!) and it helps keep their milk production up to par.

WHERE WILL THE COW BE KEPT? The cow will be boarded at Bethel Homestead. It is approximately 10 minutes from Culpeper, VA. A Cowboarder will pay a monthly boarding fee to the farmer. The farmer milks the cows, puts the milk up, and feeds and cares for the cows. You will be asked to read and sign a boarding agreement with Bethel Hometead.

HOW DOES THE FARMER COLLECT AND STORE THE MILK? The cows are milked by machine. The milk is strained and poured directly into clean, 1/2 gallon glass jars. The jars are sealed with plastic lids and screwed on tight. The milk is stored in the glass jars in a cooler where the temperature is maintained at an approximate temperature of 35 - 38 degrees F., where it remains until the milk is picked up.

DO I RECYCLE THE GLASS JARS? Yes! After the milk in each jar is consumed, each cowboarder washes the jar (and any metal lids) in the dishwasher with a mild dishwashing detergent (like those that are eco-friendly and can be purchased at a place like Fresh Fields). Cascade and other leading brands are very harsh and the residue can get into the milk. Plastic lids are washed by hand in hot soapy water to kill germs and are dried thoroughly (never in the dishwasher - the plastic lids will warp). Check lids to be sure they are dry. If not, take a clean dishtowel and wipe out any remaining drops of water. Once dry, place the lid on the jar for return. You are responsible for returning the clean jars with lids every week. For delivery customers, place the clean jars/lids outside where your weekly delivery arrives. For pick-up customers, return the clean jars/lids to the farm where you pick-up your milk. This procedure is repeated each week to keep the jars in circulation. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Failure to return your jars/lids each week will impact our ability to collect & deliver the milk in a timely fashion. If you fail to return your clean jars/lids each week don't be surprised when you don't get your milk. If you break your jars/lids please let us know, we can order more and there will be a small replacement fee at our cost.

HOW DOES THE MILK PICK-UP WORK?You come out to the farm on your assigned day to be determined when you sign up. Pick up days are Monday thru Saturday, from 7am-7pm.

LONG IS MY SHARE GOOD FOR? Your share is renewable at the beginning of every month.

WHAT ARE THE COSTS? A herd share enables you to enjoy the freshest, most natural milk available. Unless you have a cow in your backyard, you need a herd share to enjoy raw milk in Virginia.

It works like this: We do all the hard work - milking, grazing, doctoring, delivering etc. The cost of each Share in the herd is paid only once. If you decided later to sell your share, it is purchased back from you at the prevailing value of a share. The current price of share is $10. Each share entitles you to a gallon of the milk produced by the herd. If you are interested in more milk you must purchase a greater share of the herd.

The milk is provided to you for pick up in gallon-sized glass jars or BPA free plastic jug with plastic screw-on lids. When you join, you will be charged a one-time $90 fee that pays for purchase and replacement of these jars. This fee is non-refundable if you ever leave the share.

The boarding fee is $28 per month per share. This fee pays for services rendered by the Farmer for care, feeding, and management of the herd. Your boarding payment is due the first week of every month. You may not pick up your milk until your boarding fee is current.

• One-time Fees: Purchase of 1 part x $75.00
• One-time Fees: Purchase of 1 share x $10.00
• Monthly Boarding Fees 1 part x $28.00/month = $ 28.00

• One-time Fees: Purchase of 3 Parts x $75.00 per part =$225.00
• One-time Fees: Purchase of 3 shares x $30.00
• Monthly Boarding Fees 3 Parts x $28.00/month = $84.00

>I DON'T NEED A FULL GALLON PER WEEK, CAN I GET 1/2?YES! You can reserve just 1/2 share!

HOW IS THE MONEY COLLECTED? The boarding fees are collected every 4 weeks either by a check or cash when you pick up your milk. We send out an emailed invoice the week your payment is due.

The monthly boarding fee(s) will be prorated, depending on when you purchase your part(s). Costs may be subject to increase.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? You must promise never to buy or sell raw milk. You can trade or barter, but never sell it. Read and sign the boarding agreement with Bethel Homestead, and then write us a check. As soon as we receive your signed agreement and your check, you own the cow and you may begin picking up your delicious, nutritious, fresh milk!

Read and sign the boarding agreement with Bethel Homestead. As soon as we receive your signed agreement and your payment, you own the cow and you may begin picking up your delicious, nutritious, fresh milk!

Please come out to the farm during our open hours to sign up and get started! Please call or come by to see if shares are available!

Our free range eggs and naturally raised poultry are raised with tender loving on Bethel Homestead.. In the evening the chickens are closed up snug in our movable coops where they are safe from area predators and comfortable while they lay their eggs. In the morning they are let out to range over temporary fenced off pastures where they feed on local insects and grasses and have a happy day being free and acting like chickens.

If you have never had a free range eggs you don't know what you are missing. Free range eggs are normally larger and the yolks are strong and a deep orange. The taste is beyond compare and rich in nutritional value.

We use sustainable farming practices. Our poultry is stress free and healthy for you. We use a special blend of chicken feed that is free of chemicals and anti-biotic. Our birds are raised humanely and we never clip beaks or employ other techniques found on factory farms. When you buy our poultry you can rest assured that your family is getting the best in nutritional value and flavor without the 'pumped up with water texture' commonly found in store bought chickens.

This allows for natural methods of insect and pest control in our pastures and helps keep our cattle from becoming stressed.

All poultry is slaughtered on site using the best practices available for safe and clean processing.

Individual cuts are available at the farm store YEAR ROUND! Please come out and try our beef before making a commitment to freezer beef.

Starter Pack (20 lbs) - $139.00.00 An assortment of Steaks, Roasts and Premium Ground Beef ($6.95 / lb)

Family Pack (40 lbs) - $270.00.00 An assortment of Steaks, Roasts and Premium Ground Beef ($6.75 / lb)

Quarter Pack (100 lbs) - $650.00 An assortment of Steaks, Roasts and Premium Ground Beef ($6.50 / lb)

Half Pack (200 lbs) - $1230.00T his package will stock your freezer with steaks and roasts, as well as our Premium Ground Beef. You save money, time, and the inconvenience of running out of healthy grass-fed beef. ($6.15 / lb) Call to make your reservation.

Whole Pack (400 lbs) - $2400.00.00 This package will stock your freezer with steaks and roasts, as well as our Premium Ground Beef. You save money, time, and the inconvenience of running out of healthy grass-fed beef. ($6.00 / lb) Call to make your reservation.

Why Should I Buy Local Grass-Fed Freezer Beef?
1. No Antibiotics, growth hormones, or any unnatural additives.
2. Less Total Fat! A 6oz steak can have the same amount of fat as a skinless chicken breast.
3. Less Calories! A 6oz steak from a pasture raised cow can have 100 fewer calories than a 6oz steak from factory farmed animals.
4. More Omega-3’s! There are 2 to 4 TIMES the amount of these “good-fats” in pasture raised beef.
5. Higher amounts of Vitamin E which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer!

How much freezer space do I need? For a ¼ of a cow you would need approximately 5-8 cubic feet of freezer space

How much actual beef do I get from the cow? The average cow will weigh about 1200lbs live weight. This will produce about 530lbs of usable processed meat. The exact amount will depend on the cuts that you choose when you have it processed.

Free Range Egg Layers

FREE-RANGE EGGS $4.00 per dozen

Our Free-Range Eggs are gathered daily and spend their days freely being chickens and doing what chickens do: wandering around the farm, scratching in the dirt and eating grass, bugs and any feed they find from the pasture. Free-Range Eggs contain less cholesterol & saturated fat, and more vitamin A, omega 3's, beta carotene, and vitamin D than factory-farm eggs (source: Mother Earth News).

Pastured Cows Make Healthy Milk

Star free standing... she does not like the head gate.


Grass Fed Beef

Currently, we use two different processors. Fauquier's Finest Meat Processing and Gene Adams & Sons for all of our grass-fed, grass-finished beef processing.